A Black Belt is a White Belt that Never Gave up!
Kim's Major TaeKwonDo

  A Black Belt is a White Belt that Never Gave up! 

  Back To School Over Night

We would like to encourage all students to participate in Kim's Major Tae Kwon DO's Overnight. This is a fun way to get to know other students that you have not met before.

If you are interested in participating in the "BACK TO SCHOOL" Overnight, 

please contact us by July 20th Wednesday.

     The Staff

    • Master Instrutor : Master Kim.
    • Program Director : Master Mo. 

    ◆ When
      July 28th Friday 6:00p.m. - July 29th Satuarday 9:00a.m.
    ◆ Where
      Kim's Major Tae Kwon Do Academy.
    ◆ Preparations
      Pillow, Sleeping bag, Toothbrush, Towel, and Nightclothes.
      Maybe a favorite book, DS, or other activity for quiet time.

    ★The Cost for the "Overnight" will be $40 per student. 

    If you bring along a brother, sister, or friend, their cost is $30.

    This is includes the pizza party, class, movies, and breakfast.

       6:00~6:50 p.m.
      Dropoff  Kim's Major Tae Kwon Do School.
       6:50~7:30 p.m.
      TKD Class(Games).
       7:30~8:30 p.m.
       8:40~9:40 p.m.
      Board Breaking& Dance Competition.
       9:40~11:40 p.m.
      TKD Demonstration Video.
       11:40~12:10 p.m.
      Wash hands face and brush teeth.
       12:10~1:30 a.m.
      Video Games.
       1:30~7:30 a.m.
       7:30~8:40 a.m.
       8:40~9:00 a.m.
    Volunteers are needed. Please contact us.