A Black Belt is a White Belt that Never Gave up!
Kim's Major TaeKwonDo

  A Black Belt is a White Belt that Never Gave up! 

  Kim's Major Tae Kwon Do Academy Black Belt Test

  • Poomsae (Forms) consist of a series of patterned offensive and defensive Taekwondo techniques performed against an imaginary opponent, based on traditional ideology. Below are the standardized regulation Poomsae for the Dan / Poom black belt grades.
  • Kyokpa (Breaking) consists of wooden boards or concrete blocks broken with a hand (strike) or foot (kick) technique.
  • Hoshinsool (Self Defense) consists of candidate displaying realistic self defense techniques against a variety of simulated attacks.
  • 1st Dan
TaeGeuk 1-7Jang Appointed.
TaeGeuk 8Jang Compulsory.
  • 3rd Dan
PalGwe 3-4Jang.
Keumgang Compulsory.
  • 2nd Dan
PalGwe 1-2Jang.
Koryo Compulsory.
  • 4th Dan
PalGwe 5-6Jang.
Taebeck Compulsory.
Poomsae(forms), Kyorugi(sparring),  Kyokpa(breaking) and Hoshinsool(Self Defense) are judged on:
  • Control Eye 
  • Power of Blow 
  • Mental Aspect 
  • Concentration of Spirit 
  • Confidence
  • Hand Techniques
  • Speed
  • Foot Techniques
  • Strength 
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Practical Application*